R&D Process
“Material selection” is the primary and most important section during the product development process.  The quality of raw materials is the key factor to determine if the product is superior or inferior. The team conducted by the college professor would strictly select the literatures from huge data, review and analyze in a systematic method to pick out the suitable raw materials according to the nature as the reference for product development. During the process of obtaining the raw materials, we set up a strict examination standard to ensure the quality since the impure substance of the raw materials is usually the culprit to cause allergy.  To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product as well as the texture, we proceed with the research and development for “ingredient matching” and “texture formulating”, And before the products launch, we proceed with the clinical research or monitoring according to the product features.  The rigorous R&D process of JoyCom Group is the guarantee for our superior products.

What JoyCom Group provides to the consumers is the “proven scientific-based, high effective, safe, trust-worthy and superior products”. Wound healing and cosmetic skin care products with all these five core elements are the JGP (JoyCom Group Products) that we are proud of.