Growth Background
Once upon a time there was a shoemaker, the business never made a mistake, the days were getting poorer, and finally there was only one piece of leather left. He cut the leather material and went to bed after a prayer before going to bed.

The next morning, he was preparing to make shoes at the workbench, but he was surprised to find that the shoes were ready. He took the shoes and looked at them carefully. The work was done meticulously, and no needle was sloppy. In fact, these shoes are masterpieces that make the shoemaker proud. In a short while, a customer came in. After seeing these shoes, I can't put it down and buy the shoes at a high price. The shoemaker has enough money to buy leather that can be used for four pairs of shoes.  

Early the next morning, the shoemaker found that the four pairs of shoes were ready. Day after day, he cut the leather the night before, and the shoes were sewn the next morning. As the shoemaker's business flourished, it became a rich man.

On the night before Christmas, the shoemaker said to his wife before going to bed: "Let's get through all night to see who is helping us, right?" The wife readily agreed and lit a candle. Then I hid it in the corner of the hanging clothes, paying attention to the surrounding movement. When I arrived at midnight, I saw two kindly little fairy walking in and sitting in front of the shoemaker's workbench. Pick up the cut leather, start making shoes with their slender fingers, cones, seams, and knocking them from time to time. The shoemakers looked at them intently and appreciated their work. They made good shoes and kept things in order, and they left in a hurry.

On the following day, the wife said to the shoemaker: "It’s these two little fairies that made us rich, and we have to thank him very much. At night, the temperature is low, it will catch cold. Give them a small shirt, a small vest and small pants. We will weave small socks and small shoes."

At midnight, two little fairies jumped in and prepared to start work, but they couldn't find the cut leather, but found two beautiful little clothes, happy and dancing. The fairies quickly put on their clothes and then sang: "We are so decent and beautiful, why should we be a shoemaker!" They were both squatting and jumping in the chairs and workbench, and finally jumped away. Since then, the fairy have never been there, and the shoemaker has been living a prosperous day, everything is satisfactory.