Our philosophy

Established in 2006, JoyCom Group started its career with NewEpi ® wound dressing, developed by the funder with the professional pharmacology background who has been leading the team with dedication to the formula development and product performance.  NewEpi ® of JoyCom Group, granted by all major hospitals, has been widely used on the wound healing of surgery, burn and skin grafting…etc. Especially its market share among the wound healing dressings for caesarean section is far ahead than other competitors and it is even the top one brand in the category of “active wound dressing”!  Nowadays, JoyCom Group has owned 15 patents in Taiwan, USA, Germany and Japan and its products have been sold to China, Africa and countries of Southeast Asia.  The corporation has been growing in the stable path.
Due to being invited consistently by the skin doctors with professional authority in recent years, JoyCom Group stepped in the cosmetic industry from the medical field and helped develop more products to benefit skins.  With such strength and insist, we focus more on the actual improvement of the consumer’s skin condition.  Because the number of the people with sensitive skin grows rapidly, the correct concept of skin restoration has been emphasized gradually.  With professional background in the medical field, we have a better understanding and focus on the quality as well as sources of the raw materials.  We cooperate with the clinical system of skin monitor and the long-term monitoring repeatedly to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products.  The clinical result has shown that the sensitive skin can be improved to the original skin condition after using our products, which means we have created unique skin care products that contribute to healthy and beautiful skins.  Nowadays, JoyCom Group corporation possesses different series of products which are benefit to skin care and vagina care.  In the future, we will continuously devote ourselves to research and development with proven medical principles.