• What is Vaginne® ?
    The patent “Vaginne®”, developed by JoyCom Group, could improve and remain the health of vagina. The pH value of the vagina in a healthy condition for women is between 3.5-4.4; normal benefit flora will be growing when the pH value is below 4.5 whereas the pathogenic bacteria will be bred when the pH value is beyond 4.5.  The organic acid which “Vaginne®” contains can adjust the pH value of the vagina to the proper range for normal benefit flora to grow.  In addition, the antimicrobial peptides and bacteriocins it contains can resist pathogenic bacteria and the immunoglobulin can arouse the self-defense immune system. “Vaginne®” helps the vagina regain its immune system and increase the defensive power by nursing from every aspect.

    Relevant reports and sources of the testing data:
    Taiwan Invention Patent No: I381858
    Taiwan SGS testing report: UP/2017/80056
    Testing report of Western China New Era: 162721340328

    The patented technique JoyCom Group offers to generate Vaginne® gel or develop other products especially for women, is able to restore the innate immune system and reinforce women’s defensive power!  The core ingredients of the major patented technique are to efficiently restrain the pathogenic bacteria of the vagina without damaging the vaginal mucosa. The cornerstone of this patent is an innovative mechanism which establishes help vagina possess nice antibacterial capability through natural ingredients.
  • What is Barrief® ?
    “Barrief®”is the patent ingredient developed by JoyCom Group which is benefit to improve and restore the integrity of the skin structure.  The healthy skin structure and skin barrier can effectively protect skin, remain moisture and prevent water loss as well as bacterial invasion, which is the first defense of the skin protection.  However, the inferior surfactant which most cosmetic manufacturer add to the cleansing products will strongly irritate the skin and destroy the skin barrier for over-cleaning that will cause sensitive skin, aging, and even penetrate the skin and lead to skin lesion as well as deriving more skin problems.  Being processed with enzyme, “Barrief®”was made of oligosaccharides and vegetable oil.  As the first and the only “whole new generation of protective surfactant”, the skin-protected patent “Barrief®” could be the base of the skin care products. It has been proved that “Barrief®” can clean skin without damaging the skin barrier and the ingredients are even edible.

    Patented features:
    The only protective type of surfactant: To clean the dust of the skin without damaging the skin shield.
    Patented gel: For absorbing the grease and moisture the skin.
    Harmless ingredients: Edible degree ingredients with patented formula.  Application Patent No: 201815376

    JoyCom Group is the factory which develops patented technology and its subsidiary “Barrief®”is a patent for producing relevant cleansing and skin care products which can deeply clean skin without damaging the skin shield and allow skin to return to its original condition.
  • What is Halal Certification ?
    Introduction of Halal Certification

    In the past, there were less processed foods and the general Muslims can determine if the goods are Halal or legitimate from the appearance.  Any goods without clear ingredients marked should be avoided as far as possible.  However, with the continuous growth of the processing technique and the improvement of the freezing equipment as well as the transportation, processed foods from each country are everywhere and become an inevitable consumer goods in our daily lives.  Although most of such processed products come with ingredients marked, however, since the regulations of each country are not the same, the ingredients might not be described in detail.  Besides, the marked ingredients are mostly professional phases or specific names from the vendors, the general consumers may not understand if a certain ingredient is edible; furthermore, some ingredients which have been marked in combination contain several raw materials.  Therefore, it is difficult to determine if a product is suitable for Muslims to eat just by checking the product ingredients.  Considering the requirements for international Halal Certification have been raised in the last 20 years , most of the local Muslim institutions worked with scholars and food/ nutrition professions to check and verify the processed foods for serving the food industry and the Muslims.  Goods which pass the Halal Certification will be authorized with the mark of حلال
    )so the Muslims can eat and use such products without any concerns.

    Source of origin: Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA)
  • What is the medical device license ?
    The medical device license is the verification of the medical device which is issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare once the purpose of the medical device has been determined to meet the regulations.  Firstly, all medical device will be classfied by level in Taiwan.  Categorized by the level of risk for the medical device, the higher ranking it gets, the higher risk it stands for, therefore, the supporting documents for license application will be more complicated.

    Once the vendor gets the medical device license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it is legal to sell the medical devices in Taiwan.