JoyCom Tidbits

Congrats! JoyCom Group has obtained Halal Certification.

The international consumers can make their purchase without any concern.

JoyCom Group had heard your voice!  We have submitted the patented raw materials developed by JoyCom Group to Halal Certification for verification.  Gladly, the dozens of patented raw materials developed by JoyCom Group have been approved by Halal Associations and granted us with the Halal Certification.

In the future, we will continue our insistence on developing and manufacturing more cosmetics and skin care products with safety certificate and guaranteed quality to meet more consumers’ requirements by standing in their shoes.  No matter for foods or any products, we expect everyone can use without any concern, especially the beauty and skin care products which people will use on their precious skins every day, the examination of the resources can’t absolutely be ignored.

Certificate Number : CB68101111018

THIDA Halal Certification Seal which Taiwanese vendors possess is granted by International Halal Certification Association and it can be sold as Halal products in Malaysia as well as other markets.  The international consumers won’t have any concerns.