JoyCom Tidbits

Congrats! NewEpi has obtained the Class II Medical Device License.

Every now and then, JoyCom Group has been encouraged by those with different experiences and stories, who were benefited from NewEpi® for healing their wounds.  We are touched for being able to contribute to the society with our products and help more people in needs.

We have also been continuously improving ourselves in the medical field that after our hard efforts, now, “NewEpi Plus Liquid Wound Dressing (Sterile)” has obtained the “the Class II Medical Device License” issued by the “Class II Medical Device License from the Ministry of Health and Welfare” and that means our products have been upgraded to another level!

The breakthrough of NewEpi® not only gives us confidence to help more patients in needs in both hospitals and clinical treatments, but also proves the enhancement of our core and product quality.  JoyCome Group appreciates your support and we will continue dedicating to the research and development with gratitude to make changes in our lives for good.

Medical device license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare

MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No. 006179