JoyCom Tidbits

International breaking development!

In 2018, JoyCom extended its territory to the international market and we’ve explored the first-tier countries of the Middle East.  We have always been insisting on providing the consumers with healthy, comfortable and safe products with proven medical science and principle of skin monitor.  To allow consumers from different counties with various cultures to use our products without any concern, we’ve also obtained Halal Certification, so the users can use without concern.  The patents- “Vaginne®” and “ Barrief®” developed by JoyCom Group have been continuously expanding to Brunei, Malaysia and all cities in China; moreover, we have sold our products to the country of gold-Dubai.

A distinguished pharmaceutical company in Spain has reached JoyCom for selling “NewEpi ®”in Philippines and it has been at clinical trial phase.  It’s certainly a great force and inspiration for us not just for the perspective of the future development for the company, but also allowing us to bring fine products out for more people to use. With the gradual accumulation, we will be able to assist more patients in recovering their wounds and offer our help to more needed ones with our warmth to enrich their hearts.