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Scientific Skin monitor- Make the appointment now!

Would you like to understand your skin structure via scientific perspective? We possess the professional skin monitor system including not only dermatological examination apparatuses but also clinical consultation. People who don’t know how to care or wants to know more about their skin correctly are all welcomed! Sign up our experience course as soon as possible!

Details of Skin Monitor Treatment Session
◎ 2 applicants are available on every Friday from now on, each applicant will be separated for morning and afternoon session.
◎ The skin monitor treatment will last for 2 hours each time, please be noted.
◎ Open hour: 9:00-12:00 a.m., 13:30-17:00 p.m.
◎ To have the best comparison effect on skin monitor, each person is limited to sign up once per month.
◎ During the event, anyone who joins skin monitor and deep skin care sessions for the first time will be freely served.
◎ Event bonus: You can bring the boxes or pictures (with ingredients marked) of your personal or commonly-used skin care products with you and we will provide you with the professional ingredient analysis.

Make the appointment now
Leave your personal information at “Contact Us” on the JoyCom Group Website and we will contact you to arrange the appointment.
Call us at 886-7-5377200 or dial the toll-free number 0800-099-010 to arrange the trial experience.