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Nature Face Cleansing Kit (Nature Face Wash & Cleansing Oil)

Product introduction

Face Wash 100ml + Cleansing Oil 100ml

Product Detail

Nature Face Wash

“Nature Face Wash”containing cleansing ingredients from plants and the patented ingredient- “Barrief ®” will clean the extra sebum so the skin will be soft without being intense or stimulated, even the sensitive skin is applicable.  Replace the chemical essence with natural essential oil to give skin the natural fragrance.

Nature Cleansing Oil
Verified with tests to prove that no carcinogens and carcinogenesis promoting agent is contained.  Verified for safety and reliability.
Jenho”Nature Cleansing Oil” is made of virgin plant oil without being chemically processed to remain the natural minerals and unsaturated fatty acid which contains the effectiveness of anti-oxidation, nourishment and moisture that even the sensitive skin can use for balancing and taking dirt out of the face.